Why Tissue Culture Plants..?

Why Tissue Culture Plants..?

Reason 1
Abundant product lineup from foreground plants to stem plants.
You can choose from standard aquatic plants to the latest aquatic plants based on personal preference.

Reason 2
Planting is easier than potted aquatic plants.
You can easily wash the media (gel) away and position the aquatic plant in the aquascape without damaging the roots of the plant.

Reason 3
The leaves of the aquatic plant develop quick and evenly and the rooting is also excellent.
As the aquatic plant is provided in a special container where humidity is maintained and there is exchange of gases the aquatic plant adapts easily from a semi submerged condition to a totally submerged condition very quickly. The root growth is also found to be excellent.

Reason 4
No harmful insects, pesticides and algae
You do not have to worry about harmful insects, hazardous pesticides and algae since the aquatic plants are grown in a clean sterile environment.

We advise you to wash away the media around the root zone of the aquatic plant with chlorine free water so as the prevent mildew and algae in the aquarium.
(The media contains abundant nutrients)

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