Aqua Design Amano (ADA)

Aqua Design Amano (ADA) is the premium brand in aquascaping and Nature Aquaria. The company was founded by Takashi Amano, who applied the elements of the Japanese art of gardening to planting and decorating aquaria. For Takashi Amano, clearly the focus is on creating especially attractive habitats with his Nature Aquaria and aquascapes. The products manufactured by Aqua Design Amano (ADA) are of a very high quality, they complement the overall effect such a Nature Aquarium has on its contemplators, and they complete the artistic impression of the layout.



How important carbon fertilization with CO2 is for the growth of aquarium plants was discovered by Takashi Amano already back in his pioneering days. True to his experiments, he and his company ADA developed a sophisticated CO2 supply system for plant aquariums. Especially the associated glassware such as CO2 diffusers, bubble counters and endurance tests have since then become indispensable in the field of aquascaping.



Besides the conditions meeting lighting, CO2 and water quality to grow aquatic plants, the last required know-how is to add liquid fertilizers. Essential nutrients for aquatic plants are the three major nutrients (nitrogen, potassium, iron) and also, some microelements, required even in small amounts, such as iron, magnesium, and calcium. It is important for aquatic plants to be nourished just the right amount in order to grow healthy without algae outbreaks.



The filter is the heart of aquarium system. Nature Aquarium, supposing long-term maintenance, requires stable and high filter performance continuing for prolonged periods. Super Jet Filter employs solid stainless-steel materials for all the parts including elbow, canister body and hook (buckle), realizing high toughness. The water is refined by microorganisms to have live circulation and to create dazzling water.



Glass no Naka no Daishizen” – the planted aquarium collection was published in 1992.
In this book, Amano states, “Tweezers are essential to create a beautiful planted aquarium”. Then he emphasizes how important it is to use tools skillfully for better layouts.



Soils in nature with an abundance of microorganisms are called “microcosm”. That is because a various kinds of microorganisms interact with each other as permanently maintaining favorable conditions. The substrate system of Nature Aquarium is introduced from this fundamentals of nature. Aqua Soil made from native land containing high organic nutrition generates synergistic effect with additives to attain “live substrate” propagating microorganisms.

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