Nature Aquarium

Amano Takashi was born in Niigata-shi (Former Maki-machi), Niigata, Japan in 1954. He has incorporated ecosystem and other elements found in nature to aquatic plant layout and established his unique style called “Nature Aquarium”. In 1982, Amano founded Aqua Design Amano. The company attracted much attention for its aquarium equipment “Nature Aquarium Goods” featuring excellent quality and design. In 1992, Amano published a photo book “Glass no Naka no Daishizen”. This book was translated into seven languages together with “Mizu-Shizen no Kaiki”. There is now a growing number of Nature Aquarium fans all over the world. Along with the activities as an entrepreneur, Amano has visited the world’s three major tropical rainforests, namely Amazon, Borneo, and West Africa, and pristine forests in Japan since 1975 and has been working on series of photos focusing on “untouched nature” with his large-format cameras. He captures minute details of nature found at a site on extra-large size films (up to 8×20 inches). Amano’s works have been introduced and highly appreciated internationally through several exhibitions and publications. In recent years, Amano has given numerous lectures on his rich experiences in nature in Japan and many other countries, including Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Russia, USA, China, India, and Malaysia, and he has advocated the importance of tree-planting programs to protect the earth’s environment.