Tissue culture plants are very young aquatic plants that are cultivated in-vitro by laboratories who specialize in propagating aquatic plants. The growth method used for tissue culture guarantees that these plants are free from any pests, algae, and pesticides making them 100% safe for even the most sensitive shrimp and fish. There is a vast selection of plant species that are available via tissue culture and its compact growth gives a very generous portion for planting. Utilizing quality fertilizers and CO2 in the initial stage will encourage beautiful and healthy growth from the beginning.

Aquatic plants add vibrancy and life to the aquarium. Our vast collection of aquatic plants cover requests ranging from hardy, low maintenance species such as Anubias for beginners to the rare and exotic choices of Bucephalandra and other plants for the advanced hobbyist. Keeping aquatic plants in an aquarium tank provides a natural source of water filtration, security for fish and are proven to be an outlet for stress relief while encouraging productivity and a positive mood. Luckily, you’ll never need to remember to water them.


Epic Aquatics’ first greenhouse was constructed in 2014 since then it has now expanded to produce and house up to 20,000 pots monthly for the aquascaping market. All of their plants are carefully selected and monitored to ensure quality products are supplied at affordable prices to retailers only. All the plants produced in greenhouse conditions and are grown emersed, meaning the plants are grown fully exposed to air. The roots and substrate are flooded with water, but there is no standing water above the stems and leaves.

Pots are usually packed flush and contain a larger mass of aquatic plants that are, in most cases, more mature with a developed root system. Potted aquatic plants provide a healthy portion of plants that can be divided into several portions or, depending on the plant, can be planted in an aquarium as one piece. As the name suggests, the plants come in separate little pots that are quite easy to transport and display to one’s liking.


Bellaby Aquariums endeavors to source the best selection of plants possible. Our collection of these particular aquatic plants include, but aren’t limited to, a variety of hard to obtain Bucephalandra, Anubias, and Cryptocoryne species.