Aquarium Tanks.

We believe in the purity of form and function found in a clear glass tank to house your Aquarium, Paludarium, Terrarium, or Vivarium. These we can manufacture as custom units or in ‘standard’ sizes, whatever your needs may be. All tanks are manufactured individually and by hand, always adhering to our standards for quality and aesthetics.

Nature Aquarium

For most of us, the best part of an Aquascape is the creation thereof and the joy of knowing that you created something special. However, for those that feel they lack the creative abilities or just not feeling up to it yet, we will create and build complete aquascapes on request.

Wooden Cabinets.

Every stunning aquarium needs to be shown off at its best by placing it on an equally stunning pedestal. Our custom cabinets are designed with simplicity in mind and with the necessary structural strength needed for their intended purpose. We are constantly striving to improve and perfect both design and construction to enhance your aquascape or paludarium.

Full System
Breeding/Shrimp Racks.

We have a passion for designing and manufacturing systems for breeding nano fish and shrimp, or for just housing and showing off your shrimp collection. Build to your own requirements and specifications, these systems pay attention to detail and effectiveness and can be as simple or as elaborate as you need them to be.

Beautiful Tranquil
Paludarium Builds.

Welcome to nature… There is no better way to bring the tranquillity of nature into your home than with a Paludarium. The stunning combination of terrestrial and aquatic features can really soothe the senses. We design and manufacture Paludarium setups, whether you only need the glass tank or the whole system. We will even create and install complete Paludariums for home or business.