ADA Soft Water (200ml)

ADA Soft Water (200ml)

ADA Soft Water

ADA Soft Water (200ml)


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In alkaline water with high level pH or Carbonate Hardness (KH), the growth of aquatic plants gets inhibited. SOFT WATER adjusts the water quality to mild acidity.

  • Lowers carbonate hardness
  • Lowers the pH

Dose 1 ml per 10 litres aquarium water a week after the water change.



Aqua Design Amano (ADA) is the premium brand in aquascaping and Nature Aquaria. The company was founded by Takashi Amano, who applied the elements of the Japanese art of gardening to planting and decorating aquaria. For Takashi Amano, clearly the focus is on creating especially attractive habitats with his Nature Aquaria and aquascapes. The products manufactured by Aqua Design Amano (ADA) are of a very high quality, they complement the overall effect such a Nature Aquarium has on its contemplators, and they complete the artistic impression of the layout.


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