Cryptocoryne spiralis ‘Red’

Cryptocoryne spiralis ‘Red’


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Spiralis, also known as Cryptocoryne spiralis, adds both height and visual drama to freshwater planted aquariums. Considered the most “primitive” of Crypocorynes and distinguished by a septum closing the kettle, Spiralis is a common plant found in India’s rice fields. Tall, slender, ruffled leaves sway gracefully under water, while emergent forms grow considerably shorter with broader leaves.

Spiralis require a substrate that is fertilized with an iron-rich fertilizer. Regular pruning and thinning will keep it looking its best. Spiralis requires stable water conditions to prevent rotting of the stems and leaves. Provide at least 2 watts per gallon using full spectrum bulbs (5000-7000K). Water temperature should be between 23° and 28°C, with a dKH of 3-8 and a pH of 6.5 to 7.5.

For best results, use Spiralis as a solitary plant. They may also be planted in groups with good results. If planted in thick groups, all variations will grow taller and narrower. When planting in this fashion, place the smaller types in the foreground of the aquarium, with the larger ones in the center and back. Spiralis propagate by growing multiple runners, and can be also be propagated through rhizome division.

This form of Cryptocoryne spiralis from India is still fairly new to the Aquascaping scene. In its submerged form it develops dark brown-red, strap-like leaves with ruffled edges, somewhat resembling those of Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae. Until now little information is available about this Cryptocoryne.

Order: Alismatales
Common Name:Cryptocoryne spiralis ‘Red’
Plant Type:Rosette
Growth Difficulty:Beginner / Easy
Plant Height:Medium
Plant Width:N/A
Plant Position/Usage:Midground / Background / Specimen
CO2 Requirements:No, but can be supplied
Growth Rate:Medium
Light Requirements:Medium Light
Temperature Tolerance:230 – 280 C
pH Range:4.5 – 7 pH
Carbonate Hardness:3 – 80 dKH
Can be Grown Emersed:No



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