Hikari Cichlid Gold

Hikari Cichlid Gold


Hikari Cichlid Gold


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Color enhancing, daily diet for all types of cichlids and larger tropical fish. Great for oscars too.

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  1. Includes the highest grade of carotenoid available today, offering superior color enhancement while helping your pet retain their natural beauty year round. Can also help restore vivid coloration to washed out specimens.
  2. High quality natural proteins in an easily digestible form, offer improved growth through efficient nutrient utilization.
  3. Contains uniquely blended nutrients, including stabilized vitamin C, which support immune system health.
  4. An excellent daily diet for cichlids and larger tropical fish offering a taste and texture they will eagerly accept.
  5. Trust the originator of pelleted Cichlid diets, other premium aquatic diets and our more than 135 years of experience when you’re looking for the best options for your aquatic pets!
Feed two to three times daily the amount your fish will completely consume in a few minutes. Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding. Please remove uneaten food after the feeding period.
We recommend Hikari Cichlid Cichlid Gold as a daily diet for
All types of cichlids and larger tropical fish who require higher protein levels
Crude ProteinCrude FatCrude FiberMoistureAshPhosphorus
babymin. 32%min. 4%max. 3%max. 10%max. 12%min. 0.7%
mini medium
min. 40%min. 4%max. 4%max. 10%max. 15%min. 1.0%
baby pellet sample
baby pellet
2 oz (57g)Item No. 04111
8.8 oz (250g)Item No. 04128
mini pellet sample
mini pellet
2 oz (57g)Item No. 04211
8.8 oz (250g)Item No. 04228
medium pellet sample
mini pellet
2 oz (57g)Item No. 04311
8.8 oz (250g)Item No. 04328
large pellet sample
mini pellet
2 oz (57g)Item No. 04411
8.8 oz (250g)Item No. 04428



Kyorin Co. Ltd. (Hikari) calls on more than eleven decades of ornamental fish-breeding experience to bring you the finest premium aquatic diets available today. Hikari is by far the most popular brand in Japan, a nation known for it's fine ornamental fish. Today throughout the world, hobbyists with the health of their pet their first priority, feed them Hikari.Hikari's quality is a direct result of the many activities undertaken to understand fish, their eating habits and their dietary requirements. It all starts with exploration to study the actual habitats of tropical fish. This invaluable experience compliments intensive research by our Hikari Aquatic laboratory staff. Additionally, our world renowned Yamasaki Koi Farm allows us to use our diets first hand, ever noting the growth and coloration characteristics each one offers. We are also the largest shipper of live tropical and marine fish in all of Japan. So, as you can see, we are not producing diets for the sake of selling merchandise, but rather target the health and longevity of the fish. Focusing on bringing about success to the hobbyist through exacting nutrition has allowed us to develop a brand name synonymous with superior quality!


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