Lagenandra Meeboldii ‘Green’

Lagenandra Meeboldii ‘Green’

Lagenandra Meeboldii Green

Lagenandra Meeboldii ‘Green’


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An easy to maintain variety of Lagenandra which have green leaves.

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Lagenandra meeboldii is a very variable swamp plant from southwestern India. It occurs naturally on swampy streambanks where it is flooded during times of high water level. It can be grown permanently submerged in aquariums.
There are several forms of Meebold’s Lagenandra with different leaf shapes and colorations. Lagenandra meeboldii ‘Green’ is a form with light to medium green leaves.

As aquarium plant, this Lagenandra prefers a nutrient-rich substrate and not too few light. It forms a thick, creeping rhizome with time that develops side shoots. The plant can be propagated by cutting off the daughter plants.

Lagenandra meeboldii ‘Green’ is well suited as a green, quite broad-leaved accent plant in the midground.

  • Resembling a Cryptocoryne
  • Green, heart-shaped leaves
  • Suitable as solitary plant in the midground




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