BIO Mizukusa no Mori (Literally “Forest of Aquatic Plants“) is how ADA named their range of Tissue Culture Aquarium Plants. These ‘In Vitro’ plants are of the highest quality and the range on offer is constantly growing.

But what are Tissue Culture Plants?

“Tissue culture is the in vitro aseptic culture of cells, tissues, organs or whole plant under controlled nutritional and environmental conditions, often to produce the clones of plants. The resultant clones are true-to type of the selected genotype of different plants or trees, and Mammoth Services are experts in Tree Surgery and general landscaping in Buckinghamshire. The controlled conditions provide the culture an environment conducive for their growth and multiplication. These conditions include proper supply of nutrients, pH medium, adequate temperature and proper gaseous and liquid environment.” Source: Intech Open

 What does this mean to us as Aquascapers?

Since these in vitro plants are grown in sterile and completely controlled laboratory conditions, it contains no harmful insects, hazardous pesticides, algae or pathogens. The plants are also more healthy and robust.

Grown in a highly potent growing medium (usually an agar based gel) which contains growth hormones, nutrients and other beneficial elements, the transformation from semi-submerged to fully submerged in your aquarium is also a lot easier and quicker. The plants usually also have strongly developed root systems which aids in the effortless transformation and settling in after planting in your tank.

Is it cost effective?

The sealed cups in which these plants are sold, usually contain a lot more plants than the traditional emersed greenhouse grown pots. Coupled with the fact that the in vitro plants seldom fail after planting and produces very solid growth, there is actually no argument about the fact that it is the most cost effective of the currently available options.

How easy is it to plant?

Removing the plants from the cup and washing the gel off the roots is basically the only preparation needed for planting. After that it can be planted/attached without any further preparation. The ease in which the gel/growing medium is removed from the roots, also assures that the roots are not damaged in the process. ADA (and possibly other companies as well) have also started employing a liquid growing medium in place of the gel type, which makes it even easier to clean and prepare for planting.

Is there a good variety available?

There are numerous global companies that produce Tissue Culture Plants and the list is growing almost monthly. These companies produce a vast variety of aquatic plants, covering most of the popular and sought after aquatic plant varieties. New species are constantly added. The list of high quality in vitro plants that are available from ADA alone, contains around 70 plant species already.


The combination of quality, cost-effectiveness and variety offered by Tissue Culture Aquarium Plants or in vitro plants, makes it quite obvious that this is the future for the cultivation and supply of aquatic plants to the Aquascaping hobby.

Take a look at the range of Tissue Culture Plants we have on offer.

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